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2.3 Configuring

The configuration file of YML are located in $PREFIX/etc/yml. It consists of a set of xml file with the extension .xcf. Those file are really simple to edit and update to suites your needs. All files are organized in groups of configuration entries using the following syntax :

     <?xml version="1.0" ?>
         <group name="group1">
             <entry name="key1" value="value1"/>
             <entry name="key2" value="value2"/>
         <group name="group2">
             <!-- Comments -->

This section list all configuration files and describes shortly the role of each one:

The previous files are required whichever backend you are using. The next three section will help you configuring the various existing backends. The role of a backend is to encapsulate behaviour specific to one middleware. Each middleware has its own configuration file. Backends are loaded dynamically in each services requiring them. The activation of the various middleware is describe in the following sections. In the following subsection we supposed that you compiled YML with the support of the backends you intent to use. The list of build backend are listed at the end of the configure script execution.