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2.3.3 Configuring OmniRPC Backend

The current OmniRPC backend uses the version 1.0 available at This version requires that all Linux nodes harnessed by the backend have the same glibc as the PC used to compile YML. This is due to the name resolution of RPC invocations. We offer a specific version of OmniRPC available at whose generated stubs are glibc-independant. However, when there is only one version of glibc, we recommend to use the official OmniRPC package.

The deployment of OmniRPC has to be done both on the backend and on the workers' machines. The documentation at clearly explain how to proceed. Then, please take care that ssh keys of the backend linux account are generated and that public keys are paste into the .ssh/authorized_keys files on the workers' accounts.

Once OmniRPC and YML are installed, the stub that is invoked by the backend has to be registered on each worker's node. A simple bash script is available in contrib/omnirpc/ in order to simplify this step.

Next, you have to edit the YML configuration files.

The OmniRPC hostfile (given into omnirpc.xcf) specifies which machines will host invoked workers. We give a sample of hostfile in contrib/omnirpc/hosts.xml.sample. Besides, you may refer to the documentation at It explains in details how OmniRPC deals with RPC calls and the role of all elements and attributes. We briefly describe the main attributes: